Smoke and Mirrors connects the dots of history, revealing secrets and ultimately exposing a matrix of deceit and corruption led by individuals who have dramatic control of the global financial system. This groundbreaking book will challenge the reader to re-examine their most firmly held social, economic, political and religious beliefs.  “I believe history illustrates that much of today’s economic, political and social instability is driven by those who benefit from the chaos,” states author S. Jason Cunningham. 

Approaching Singularity: The Genesis of Creation  is a journey towards understanding the time - consciousness matrix, and the next phase of consciousness evolution.  It is an exploration of the cosmic forces that are pushing our body, mind and spirit towards the transcendental experience as we make the 26,000 year passage across the plane of the Milky Way Galaxy.  Approaching Singularity answers the illusive question of 'what is next' for humanity after the realization of the prophetic December 21, 2012 date.  This book will empower your mind and soul for its next transition into the sea of the universal over-mind and Christ Consciousness.  Realize your full potential and destiny held within the Approaching Singularity: The Genesis of Creation.

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Smoke and Mirrors 

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Approaching Singularity:The Genesis of Creation

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